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It’s the spring of 1990, and a dream that Jenna Clark never dared to put into words has come true.  She has been in love with Tim Johnston for as long as she can remember, and now she is going to marry him!  Then, just when her “happily-ever-after” is within reach, a flash flood of consequences caused by Tim’s past behavior destroys their future together, setting them on divergent paths that separate them by thousands of miles.  Jenna’s and Tim’s parallel stories cover the next dozen years and reveal how their lives are changed through layers of wrong choices that lead to circumstances beyond their control.

“Stolen Legacy” is the first book in “The Legacy Series”.  Readers' comments about the series include: “This can’t be fiction; the characters are too real!”  “I found myself starting to pray for them and remembered these were characters in a book.”  “There were parts of the book that caused me to cry like a baby with tears of both joy and sadness . . .”  “. . . a novel about “real-life” people and their hopes, dreams, frustrations, joys and horrific losses . . .”

Tim and Jenna Johnston’s “blended” family has just found its rhythm when Jenna’s mother, Ruth Clark, unexpectedly becomes a widow, and they are confronted with the stresses of her new reality.  Then, the unthinkable predicament of their teenage daughter’s best friend directly impacts them and their entire family, forcing them to make choices they never could have imagined.  As they are “sandwiched” between the demands of two generations, they strive to make decisions which honor God but won’t jeopardize the hard-won balance of their family.


“Glorious Legacy” is the third book in “The Legacy Series”. Readers' comments about the series include: "Her writing is realistic and deals with situations of today's society . . . this book will leave you feeling that you want another one so you can keep these good friends." “This can’t be fiction; the characters are too real!”  "The final book in Janet's Legacy series will bring many different feelings as you are reading it . . ."

Jenna Clark Stone has no choice but to believe in miracles, because she is living one.  After surviving an abusive marriage and living with the reality that she can never have children, her first love, Tim Johnston, has come back into her life.  They are getting married, and Jenna is about to become a stepmother.  Finally, she will have the family she thought had become impossible.  Will she recapture her lost dreams in the heart of another woman’s family . . . or will Jenna’s emotional wounds and her zeal to replace Tim’s first wife in his and the children’s hearts rip her new family apart? 


“Uncommon Legacy” is the second book in “The Legacy Series”.  Readers' comments about the series include: “. . . brings you into the lives of people you probably know.”  “I got so involved in the stories that I was sharing my 'friends' with people and actually wanted to pray for them.”  “I couldn’t read the book at night or I wouldn’t get any sleep.” "So thankful for the gift that she is sharing with the world."

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